Boys Crush E09: Disruption
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Bastien is eagerly awaiting Sam’s return to continue rehearsals before their first concert. However, Enzo reveals to Bastien that Sam is cheating on Sacha, which could compromise the future of the band if their relationship breaks down.

Sacha, who is also waiting for his boyfriend’s imminent return, seems determined to open up their relationship with Sam and form a thrupple to put an end to their recurring jealousy issues, despite having succumbed to the advances of his ex, Nathan.

Nathan, who has managed to win back his ex Sacha and extolled the virtues of open relationships, has used his devastating charm to disrupt the fragile relationship between Valentin and Bastien.

When Valentin, Bastien, Enzo, and Sacha discover that they are all linked to Nathan in some way, the situation becomes complicated, feelings are mixed, and significant upheavals occur.

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