Boys Crush E04: Hotchpotch
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French Twinks

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Sam has no limits in his plan for revenge and is looking for ways to make Sacha suffer, who has cheated on him. Enzo tries to reason with Sam but he is trapped by a secret they share and can’t do anything to help his friend, who takes advantage of it.

Sacha regrets his infidelity and is depressed not to have any news from Sam. Luckily, his new friend Valentin is there to support and comfort him. The unexpected arrival of Tom, Enzo’s cousin, seems to inspire Sam to satisfy his thirst for revenge.

Although their relationship is still tense, Bastien and his ex Valentin seem to be getting closer and closer, and Bastien even helps Valentin find a job at the “Happy Twinks”. Is Bastien still in love with his ex?

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