Boys Crush E08: Double-play
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French Twinks

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Nathan, a handsome stranger who had approached Valentin in the locker room, meets him again in the showers of the pool and tells him he dreamed of him. He turns out to be as charming as he is manipulative and takes some pleasure in sowing doubt in Valentin’s mind, who struggles to manage the situation.

Enzo, who thought he had found true love, discovers, after Bastien opened his eyes to the reality of the situation, that he has been manipulated. His disappointment is enormous.

Sacha learns that Sam slept with Enzo’s cousin when they were separated and has no qualms about getting closer to his ex, whom he hadn’t seen in two years, when he bumps into him by chance at the Happy Twinks.

Will Valentin resist Nathan’s advances? Is Bastien right to be jealous? Will Enzo find love? Will Sacha pursue his relationship with Sam?

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