Samy Lakhdar submits to a cousin

Samy Lakhdar submits to a cousin

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Samy Lakhdar is used to submitting to his Arab cousins. Today, he kneels before a city scum who will visit him. A dominant guy, well-hung and thirsty for a good slut ass since the second French confinement.

The thug is hungry and wants to break an ass as fast as possible, even if it means doing it with a guy. However, he does not want to skip the steps and invites Samy to eat his dick and gives him a deep throat. Samy applies himself to the task and lets himself be dominated as he likes it.

This big dick circumcises fucks his throat but the smell of the guy intoxicates him at the highest level. The dominant thug takes possession of the mouth of Samy’s good sucker, but also of his ass. Fucked without household, Samy submits completely.