Exoclick is the partner that Frenchy Boys works with to provide quality advertising to our visitors.

Are you an advertiser and want to promote your product or website on Frenchy Boys? To do so, we invite you to contact Exoclick directly.

Why does Frenchy Boys show advertising?

Our site offers free content that we select according to our quality criteria. In addition, we host most of our content ourselves to offer you the most optimal experience without interruption.

Frenchy Boys displays advertising screens to support at least the technical cost of the deployed infrastructure: hosting, broadcasting, adaptation, security, etc.

Can I disable advertising on your site?

Although we do not encourage the use of ad blockers, we are not opposed to their use to continue visiting our site.

We believe that our advertising is respectful by being non-intrusive. If you like the content we offer and want to make our existence sustainable, we invite you to disable your ad blocker on Frenchy Boys.

In addition, we do not have a paid plan to disable our advertising screens at this time.