Boys Crush E11: Turbulent party
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French Twinks

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Enzo takes advantage of the love his roommate Yoann has for him to turn him into a slave and mock his feelings. One wonders how long Yoann will be able to tolerate this situation.

Bastien has difficulty accepting his ex Valentin’s relationship with Nathan, but he also seems to have feelings for Sacha and decides to make a confession to him.

While cleaning at Enzo’s place, Yoann makes a disturbing discovery. He talks to his colleague Valentin about it, who tries to reassure him.

Sacha’s birthday is celebrated in a tense atmosphere due to the complicated relationships between Valentin, Bastien, Nathan, and Enzo. Nathan, on his part, focuses on the handsome Hugo and after drinking several glasses, falls asleep and has a memorable dream.

Sacha’s 20th birthday takes a dramatic turn when a police officer bursts into Happy Twinks…

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