Frisky Boys Investigation E03: The Car

Frisky Boys Investigation E03: The Car

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French Twinks

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Discover the new parody series of French TwinksFrisky Boys Investigation.

Unraveling the truth from the forgery, finding the culprit and his motive… So much know-how entrusted to a police officer quite out of order, camped by Tatyana Clakson. His mission: defeat these bandits through vicious questioning of suspects.

In this third part, Justin, Jules, Bastien and Lucas find themselves at the heart of a car theft affair.

Justin and Lucas had announced their breakup. The two boys met at Bastien’s party. The atmosphere between them is tense. Lucas tries to make Justin jealous by telling him about his new boyfriend and their dream life.

Several intrigues emerge in this video: what is Jules‘ past made of? What are the incriminating clues found on Bastien’s smartphone? Why do Bastien and Justin end up sleeping together?

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Justin Leroy


Lucas Bouvier


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