Boys Crush E03: Disagreement
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Sam and Sacha had been in a relationship for a while. One day, Sam caught Sacha in a compromising position with his lover, Axel. Sam was so shocked and disgusted that he immediately left and went to get a drink with his friend, Enzo. Sacha promised he would join them, but he was taking so long to arrive and wasn’t responding to Sam’s messages. Sam was getting worried and decided to go back to the garage to look for Sacha.

Upon arriving at the garage, Sam was confronted with Sacha and Axel in an intimate position. Sam was so taken aback that he didn’t want to listen to Sacha’s explanations and justifications for his infidelity. Sam left the garage, feeling devastated, shocked, and extremely angry.

Sacha had already started feeling guilty about what he had done and was becoming anxious because Sam was not answering his calls or messages. While searching for Sam at “Happy Twinks” café, Sacha met Valentin, who offered him a drink to calm down. Meanwhile, Sam was at Enzo’s place, where he started to devise a plan to manipulate his friend and seek revenge on Sacha.

The following day, Bastien told Sacha that a sex tape in which Sacha was the protagonist was circulating on the internet and even at the Fac. While Enzo found the situation amusing, Sacha was devastated and ashamed that his private life was exposed. Sacha was sure that Sam was responsible for the video’s release, as a way of seeking revenge.

In conclusion, Sam and Sacha’s relationship had been shattered because of Sacha’s infidelity. Sam’s desire for revenge had only made the situation worse, and Sacha’s life had been exposed to public view, causing him great distress.

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