Frisky Boys Investigation E04: The Car – Part 02

Frisky Boys Investigation E04: The Car – Part 02

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Discover the new parody series of French TwinksFrisky Boys Investigation.

Unraveling the truth from the forgery, finding the culprit and his motive… So much know-how entrusted to a police officer quite out of order, camped by Tatyana Clakson. His mission: defeat these bandits through vicious questioning of suspects.

In this fourth part, we discover the person who stole Lucas’ new car as well as the way Justin ended up sleeping with Bastien and Jules. The police officer will encounter some difficulties in the face of so many lies and stories intertwining with each other.

The sex is hot and the dedication between Justin and Jules are at the highest point. They offer us an unforgettable sex scene without condom.

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Tatyana Clakson


Lucas Bouvier


Bastien Leray


Justin Leroy


Jules Laroche