Valentin Meunier & Timéo Blondel awakened confined
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Very cute, Valentin Meunier woke up before his boyfriend, Timéo Blondel, to concoct a French breakfast. He even dressed himself in a jockstrap to make him even more happy. But looking at his mood, Timéo seems to have awoken badly. Fortunately, the young couple will quickly reconcile in a sensual way by giving themselves a nice fuck in their kitchen.

Valentin gently sucks and licks Timéo’s good cock, then he swallows it in a deep throat. Timéo then takes the hand and sets up Valentin so as to be able to tickle his small butt and open his ass delicately. With Valentin finally ready, he will be able to receive Timéo’s cock.

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