The very first time of Timéo Blondel
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Today, Timéo Blondel enters French Twinks, and who better than Mathis Weber, who returns, to welcome him as he should. The sexual tension rises rapidly for the two young boys: they kiss and then undress without wasting time. Mathis grabs Timéo’s beautiful cock to approach his mouth and suck it.

Afterwards, Timéo literally fucks the mouth of Mathis who takes well, then he will also be interested in his pretty ass. He fingers him and puts him on all fours to taste his ass. This drives Mathis crazy, who asks for more by pushing Timéo’s head deeper into his butt.

Timéo ends up pushing his dick into Mathis’s tight ass, who howls with pleasure and excitement. The pace is accelerating, Mathis is very expressive and asks for more: he doesn’t want it to end. However, he will end up enjoying excitement while Timéo continues to fuck him. He will finish his scene by squirting on the face of Mathis who will feast.

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