French Twinks

Full in the Backstage E02: Axel Ford & Léo Gallay

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Discover In the Backstage, the new parody that shows what happens sometimes in the studios of French Twinks.

In this episode, we find the two new Axel Ford and Léo Gallay, who seem disappointed not to have had a scene between them. Even if it’s a day off for the whole team, the two twinks are hot to shoot after convincing Antoine Lebel to work. Fortunately for them, Antoine agrees to let the two boys literally explose themselves.

They start by kissing and undressing each other. A hand in the underwear, they jerk off each other. Leo will then suck Axel with a good dose of saliva. In this way, Axel’s cock is ready to explode Leo’s ass. He will end up cum in Leo’s hole, when he gives to Axel a facial.