Boys Crush E01: Conflicts and Seduction
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French Twinks

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Enzo, the flirty slacker, Sam, the studious student, and Sacha, the sarcastic philosophy major, regularly meet at the Happy Twinks café next to their university to study their courses and discuss their projects.

Since forming their rock band, the “Candy Boyz,” the three friends have spent a large portion of their free time rehearsing and looking for new members to replace the drummer who recently left the group after a conflict with Enzo. Although Sam reproaches Enzo for his immature attitude, Sacha manages to calm them down by telling them that a new drummer will soon be joining them.

Meanwhile, Valentin, who has just been dumped by his boyfriend, is going through a tough time. Without a job and without a fixed abode, he spends most of his days alone, drowning his sorrows in a milkshake at the Happy Twinks. Although the three friends have noticed his presence, they hesitate to approach him because of his depressed demeanor.

And then, in the locker room at the pool, Bastien meets his boyfriend Léo after their swimming training. Léo, annoyed by the numerous messages from his ex, asks Bastien to make their relationship official to put an end to the harassment. Although Bastien is still a bit lost in his feelings, he decides to prove his love to Léo by passionately kissing him.

Finally, Enzo decides to take matters into his own hands and go comfort Valentin, despite his friends’ warnings. With the intention of changing his mind, Enzo proposes that Valentin join the “Candy Boyz” as a new drummer. Although Valentin is initially reluctant, he eventually accepts the offer, thrilled to finally be able to devote himself to his passion for music.

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