A burning exaltation
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Jules and Raphaël stroll by the sea on the occasion of a date. But the walk does not last long so much they are eager to deepen all this. Once back home, they soon kiss and undress. Their boxers will soon crack in view of their tight dicks inside. They jerk off each other and quickly their caresses turn in 69.

Raphael languishes to see what Jules has to teach him: sex both sensual and wild, and cock strokes as deep as intense. Once everything is set, Raphael clenches his teeth when he feels Jules’ wide cock smashing him so that the pain turns to pleasure.

The handsome Jules will impale Raphael in every possible position to finish his demonstration by enjoying Raphael’s small open ass. The complicity between the two twinks has already settled: Jules licks then swallows the juice of Raphael before coming to kiss him.

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