Californian Drift E02: Enzo Lemercier with Paul Delay

Californian Drift E02: Enzo Lemercier with Paul Delay

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After being cowardly abandoned by Justin in the middle of the desert, Paul, more upset than ever, continues to walk along the road hoping to find a good soul to help him.

It’s Enzo Lemercier, a young Frenchman on vacation in California, who stops and hitchhikes Paul. The handsome blonde is sensitive to Paul’s despair but also to his charm and he takes him on board his big American pick-up.

Paul talks about his mishaps to Enzo who listens to him with empathy. The two boys look at each other tenderly then kiss passionately. It’s a love at first sight between the two twinks and they will soon consume their passion.

Paul goes first to suck Enzo in the car before getting his ass eaten and fingered under the setting sun. Excited by Paul’s pretty little ass, Enzo will fuck him energetically against the pick-up car. The groans sound in the desert and the car shakes to the rhythm of the dick hits. After taking a good splash of sperm on his face, Paul licks Enzo’s feet while jacking off and cums in turn.

This time it seems that Paul has found a sincere and nice guy since Enzo even offers to host him for the night…

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