Boys Crush E06: Vendetta
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Valentin, a young man who is being harassed by an abusive and authoritarian boss, exhibits strange behavior that intrigues his friends Sacha and Sam. They notice an unusual attitude in Valentin and decide to talk to Bastien, Valentin’s ex, who is worried about his former partner. Bastien decides to discover the reasons for this change by subjecting Valentin to a real interrogation.

As for Tom, he returns home after a stay in Nice but his cousin Enzo asks him for one last favor before leaving. This last favor reveals a more ambiguous relationship than it seemed between the two cousins.

Bastien, on the other hand, discovers a terrible truth during Valentin’s interrogation. This revelation puts him out of his mind, and he has no choice but to take action to help his former partner.

In short, these events highlight the challenges the characters face in their personal lives and the difficult choices they must make to overcome the obstacles that stand in their way.

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