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Jules Laroche is very playful and loves to challenge his friends. The young twink today gave Justin Leroy an appointment at the gym for a muscular challenge whose stake is simple: the loser will give his ass to his opponent!

The two boys clench their teeth and use all their strength to achieve a maximum of “dip” pull-ups but Julesseems much more trained than Justin and wins the challenge hands down. The game is the game and Justin who would loved to taste Jules’ ass complies with the rules.

Jules starts by eating Justin’s little hole with passion before fucking him wildly against the sports machines and then on the ground in sporting positions. As usually, Jules is energetic, powerful and dominant and his thick cock will leave a memorable memory to the young blond who moans like never before.

Justin will ejaculate powerfully while he is being fucked and Jules will then cover in hot cum Justin’s balls still glistening with sweat.

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