The first time of Valentin Meunier
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French Twinks

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French Twinks present their exclusive newcomer: Valentin Meunier. A lot of luck for him since he was led by Enzo Lemercier for his first sex in front of the camera. We are sure that he’s made for X, and that you will love him!

Valentin starts by kissing Enzo and then undressing him. He then gives himself to Enzo to give him a relaxing massage by exploring every part of his body. Once the apprentice is relaxed, Enzo will make him taste his cock and gets thoroughly sucked. As a good boy, Enzo will reciprocate by sucking him. His tongue and fingers quickly veer towards Valentin’s appetizing ass.

The fusion of the two twinks leads them into a long session of love, intense, sensual but sometimes brutal. As usual, Enzo shows good endurance and Valentin, who asks for more, seems satisfied. This results in an abundant squirt on his chest while Enzo take him.

To finish in beauty, Enzo will freeze this moment in the spirit of Valentin by offering him his most beautiful facial.

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