Samy Lakhdar penetrated by a handsome Latino guy

Samy Lakhdar penetrated by a handsome Latino guy

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The handsome Samy Lakhdar gets fisted and then fucked by a Latino guy. The young gay Arab did not expect it. However, the Grindr hookup made it clear to him that he was looking for a hard plan without giving he grief.

One finger, then two, the young gay is quickly fisted for his first time by a vicious and experienced guy. Samy has no choice. He submits and gives his little bitch ass to the latino.

The sensations are increased tenfold, the pleasure rises and it is all new for Samy. He is controlled by his guy’s hand. That way, he’s wide open and ready to get fucked up. Good cock strokes in his ass and head slammed to the wall, the top latino abused the young Arab.