Petits Secrets Entre Minets Part 2
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Description :

Lucas takes advantage of the absence of his boyfriend Mathis to cheat on him with the young Arthur. While the twink starts to suck Lucas’ hard cock, the two boys are surprised by the sound of the keys in the lock: it’s Mathis who comes home from school early! It’s panic and Lucas gets dressed quickly pretending to study, while Arthur hides under the bed, his heart beating.

Mathis delighted with his little surprise arrives all smiles in the room but he finds Lucas a little weird. Compulsive liar, Lucas pretends not to feel very well and Mathis hastens to give him a hug to comfort him.

Mathis and Lucas kiss, suck each other and embark on hot foreplay before fucking as wildly as passionately. Arthur still hidden under the bed, discreetly watches them and the excitement rises.

Will Mathis discover the presence of Lucas’ lover? Will Arthur join the couple? It’s up to you to discover it in this hot scene and for the first time ever at French Twinks produced without a condom – All Our Condom Free Scenes are safely produced using PreP and regular IST/STI monitored testing… We encourage you to always Play Safe –

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